☆ Siberfi ☆
Looking beyond the gob-smacking looks he works when he’s out clubbing, Siberfi ironically comes across as someone quite retiring. He rarely turns up on the scene and, when he does, it’s only for very special occasions. That’s perhaps something to do with his growing up in New Zealand’s blissfully serene South Island.
After landing in Edinburgh with a business degree scholarship, he moved to London in 2005 when he wasted no time patronizing Kashpoint, clad in painstakingly self-designed elaborate outfits and headgear. As he puts it, it was his way of interacting with other playful characters and finding a different person within himself. “You need to stand out in London, it’s such a big place,” he concedes. “No matter how mad your plan is, there’s always a way of fitting in.”
He relishes the whole process of designing an outfit from an initial idea to the finished product, twisting and pushing boundaries. Much inspired by Leigh Bowery, Transformer, Matthew Glamorre, Muffinhead in NYC, as well as various pagan and mythological icons, Siberfi would rather shop at the local DIY shop than at fashion stores. Entirely self-taught in costume-making, he strives on developing his own style, if only to keep reinventing himself. The innovative and meticulous quality of his creations puts him up there alongside his clubland peers.
Beside his keen interest in design and performance, Siberfi works in the Health service by day.

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