☆ 1990’s Club Kids ☆
If still a bit of a blur today, the ’90s felt like a compelling world of chem-induced euphoria and glamour beyond the call of duty. Initially, they did inevitably look like a throw-back, or rather a natural progression from the outrageous ’80s, but that soon changed.
It all began in London where a gaggle of fearless party animals started the ball rolling. Only, when smiley culture suddenly swept everything in clubland, it lost a lot of its individuality and visual appeal. The good news is, it had opened the floodgates to New York’s club kids phenomenon, which in turn only made London feeling threatened and in desperate need of buckling under the strain.
So the scene reinvented itself once again. A new crop of club freaks mushroomed apparently from nowhere, while the ubiquitous Leigh Bowery still ruled the roost. Likewise, we were spoilt for choice for innovative club nights, while Kinky Gerlinky’s monthly mayhem consistently beat the competition hands down.
Hedonism, exhibitionism and voyeurism reached new heights. Crikey, going out clubbing was a barrel of laughs yet again!

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