☆ Daniel Lismore ☆
Raised in a Warwickshire medieval village, this charismatic night creature first cropped up in London’s clubland of the mid noughties, usually hiding his aristocratic good looks and luxurious long hair under a mask and some gigantic headgear. Never saying very much, he would swish around places like Anti-Social, Boombox and Kashpoint. If his “major looks” often bordered on the dressing-up box or the novelty shop rather than sophisticated installation art à la Transformer or Bowery, they were nevertheless hard to ignore. However, Daniel soon honed his style in a most spectacular way and wasted no time cutting his teeth on the scene by going out every night, each time working a totally different look. He naturally befriended the other up-and-coming kids on the block. One of them, Jodie Harsh, asked him to help promote Circus, the weekly Soho club night she launched in 2006. That immediately helped get the ball rolling, not only for himself but for the club. Besides living his life as an “art piece”, Mr Lismore began compiling, through relentless networking on social media, London’s most extensive “Scene Who’s Who”. That proved more than useful when he started promoting his own club nights.
By day, Daniel likes nothing better than shopping, be it at Harrods, Bond Street or local charity shops. His favourite form of escapism, you guessed it, is dressing up, yet he never knows what to wear until the very last minute.
As a child, he kept a dressing-up box and amused himself working looks using shoe polish, leaves and, erm, chicken bones. Daniel – rather worryingly – also admits having an unhealthy fixation with animal exploitation for fashion which he became aware of at an early age. He was papped outside Harrods once, clad in his biggest fur coat, while lobbying anti-fur campaigners. This is most bizarre given that he himself, as ambassador to pressure group Cool Earth and Vivienne Westwood’s climate revolution project, campaigns to halt climate change and to save the bees. To be fair, Lismore has a good heart, a sweet personality and he does care about green issues, so one can only hope he’ll see sense and set an example to the gaggle of younger club kids who take their sartorial cues from him.
Additionally to being a selfie addict, the fabulous narcissist is undoubtedly one of the most photographed guys in the capital. His other trump card is his rare ability to get on with just about everybody, from aristos to tramps, young and old, which guarantees him popularity virtually all across the board.
Just as notably, Lismore is the only club promoter who can afford dictating exactly what he wants punters to wear at his parties. ”Dress like me,” he quite simply says and he more often than not gets results by attracting the most outlandish crowd in London. He loves offending, but also pleasing people, which he concedes is a contradiction in itself, just as he insists being a complete contradiction himself.
Having flirted with photography and modelling in his teens, Lismore’s ambition is to make it big in fashion and also eventually launch his own club in earnest. In the meantime, he garnered much attention being involved for four years as creative director with the über sophisticated Sorapol couture brand, up until the end of 2016. Since then, among other things, he’s been appointed ambassador for cosmetics brand Illamasqua and circuit ambassador at Tate.
He’s already been the subject of exhibitions at Tate Modern and Tate Britain, but 2016’s “Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Already Taken” at Scad Fash in Atlanta, Georgia and later at Miami Art Basel, as well as at Gamma in Iceland, really pushed the boat out. It featured, amongst many other related items, 32 sculptural ensembles designed and styled by himself. A beautifully produced book bearing the same name was published by Rizzoli in February 2017. He promoted its release by giving a sold-out conference at the V&A and a TED talk in Vancouver. Also noteworthy is his appointment as designer by the English National Opera for their stunning 2019 production of The Mask of Orpheus.
2021 saw a Sky Arts-produced film in which he launched Coventry’s Capital of Culture by redressing with much panache the statue of Disraeli who surely must’ve turned in his grave.
However, when night falls, Daniel regularly promotes and hosts unmissable hotspots which are often one-off events or short-lived residencies. Alas his last project, the promising monthly Lipstick Club he launched at Muse in Soho in June 2017, couldn’t last very long. Many scenesters are hoping that Daniel hasn’t yet thrown in the towel in the club promotion ring. It would be a pity for all involved if he had.

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