☆ Pinkietessa ☆
A true English icon and ornament to our collective nightlife since the new romantics days, Pinkie never compromised her sartorial and beauty standards. She outshone her female counterparts the minute she stepped out of her Quality Street box into The Blitz. Modelling her looks after the Hollywood stars of the ’30s and ’40s, she personified glamour beyond the call of duty. I personally always thought she was more akin to another quintessential English rose, film star Valerie Hobson, rather than Fox’s or MGM’s contract players. Connoisseurs will appreciate the compliment.
To this day no one has ever seen her in denim or a track suit – perish the thought! – even when shopping at Tesco. Her motto is “dressing up is like breathing” or “I just won’t go out looking a mess”. “I don’t even think about it, that’s what I do and I get on with it. It’s no more complicated than wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt,” she expounds. She designs everything she wears herself and runs the garments on her sewing machine.
Beside singing and performing, Teresa – as she’s known to her family – is best known as a costume-maker. She claims to be totally self-taught. “I do not have college training as I hate college,” she confesses.
I don’t expect her to let on about much else, certainly not anything to do with the Blitz. I know that if I asked, she’d only fob me off with one of her “I never look back; it doesn’t fit in with my integrity” lines.
Typically, Pinkie didn’t quite work her assets or capitalise on her talent the way some of her Blitz protagonists did. Nowadays, she can be seen out at the occasional launch party or private view and spends the best of her time, she says, styling celebrities, although she won’t name them.
Still, she never lost her icy cool reserve nor her English rose charm.

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