☆ Polly Fey ☆
Welcome to the world of Polly Fey, model, performer, punk-rock singer, host. Polly seems to have done it all in clubland. Blame the huge pink mohican and traffic stopping living doll look! Fresh off that first flight from Dublin, in the late ’80s, she discovered The Intrepid Fox, Heaven and Torture Garden. Modelling offers began falling into her lap before she could even say “I’m ready for my close-up” and she soon graced magazine covers and took part in the Doctor Martens US ad campaign.
One look from her limpid blue eyes usually proves unforgettable. The bald head and tattooed twig-like body have inspired the likes of Gozra Lozano, Pierre & Gilles and Manuel Albarran. Miss Fey personifies independence and never seems to have issues, at least if she does, she won’t bore you with them. Those traits made her an ideal host at Heaven’s Departure Lounge for seven years. Polly then moved to Ibiza every summer so that she could perform weekly at Manumission to an audience which, on a good night, could add up to an amazing 10,000 capacity. Otherwise, she would only leave home for special events or shoots.
Being all too aware of the volatile nature of her life, Polly never plans ahead. “A phone call and away I go,” she ponders stoically.
A Spanish journalist described her as “baroque human art with a tale to tell.” When asked about what still attracts her to clubs, she goes “in case you hadn’t noticed night time is for fun and silliness.”
Besides singing with her band X-Rated Angels, she spends her free time writing her autobiography. “It’s all in my head and I indeed have many tales to tell,” she swears, with a naughty glint in her eyes.

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