☆ Celebs ☆
In the celebrity-obsessed world in which we live, you’d be forgiven to think that there are only two camps one can belong to: “Celebrity” and “Civilian”. Cynics will say that those who belong to the former will only consider mixing with the latter if there’s something in it for them, like getting their hands on irresistible freebies, furthering their career or simply seeking some sort of gratification best left to one’s imagination.
While on camera, it is paramount for the mega-famous to display a warm, humble, friendly and down-to-earth personality, as standard media training dictates. Lingering smiles and forced laughter also prove popular with the public. The rest of the time, fingers can in fact point towards rampant arrogance, egomania or megalomania.
While living in thrall to the lure of their own celebrity, the super rich A-listers may lose the ability to moderate, while finding it hard to cope with everyday reality. Easily overtaken by relentless self-indulgence, unwavering entitlement and an inflated sense of their own importance, they may even be prone to behaving like impervious, despotic deities.
On the other hand, undeterred by the effects fame and celebrity can have on people, the social climbing fame-hungry suffering from a schizotypal celebrity disorder will relentlessly pursue their victims in a desperate attempt to hobnob with them. A good start is a selfie, if only to be able to boast on social media that they are friends with the rich and famous. Celebs have better beware, the line between a gawker and a stalker is worryingly thin.
However, there is growing hope for mere mortals to cross over the great divide. In recent years, the popularity of reality TV, talent and game shows set about the further democratization of showbiz and the realm of celebrity at large. Talent or good looks aren’t necessarily required, but a pushy personality and unflinching self-belief will often do the trick.
As Andy Warhol rightly observed, “in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”. And if those nonebrities – i.e. individuals who become famous for no apparent reason – play their cards right, they might even manage to stick around long enough to pay off their mortgages.
Naturally, none of the above applies to this, erm, smashing bunch of celebs from all walks of life that I encountered and photographed over the years.

Actually, some of the above may apply to one or two of them?!? Take your pick!

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