☆ Jason Summerfield ☆
He calls himself “Prince JayJay, London’s superstar club kid/walking art piece/host & DJ”.
Famous for his innovative style and creativity, Jason disrupts traditional notions of gender binaries.
He loves nothing more than mixing fashion and art with an idiosyncratic cartoon twist.
☆ TOP 30 Q&A ☆
▷ What do you wear in bed? – The cutest Pusheen PJs.
▷ Favourite part of your anatomy? – I’m told I have beautiful eyes, but I kinda love my ears.
▷ Have you ever been in love? – I think so, but haven’t fallen again since.
▷ What inspires your distinctive looks? – Pop culture, architecture, cartoons.
▷ What’s your USP? – I’d love to say my ass, but since being a vegan I’m not so sure now.
▷ First gig? – I was getting wasted when Level 5, a very hetero club, asked me to host for £50 + free vodka if I could bring a “cool” crowd.
▷ Celebrity crush? – Crushes are for children.
▷ Guilty pleasure? – Love watching “Murder She Wrote”.
▷ Favourite tipple? – A classic, fresh G&T.
▷ Most inspiring place on earth? – My butthole.
▷ Best classic song? – Baby One More Time – Britney Spears.
▷ Favourite film ever? – Beauty & The Beast.
▷ Style icon? – 2000s Paris Hilton.
▷ Where would you go in a time machine? – 2000s (but at this age).
▷ What do you appreciate most in people? – Their love of me.
▷ What do you dislike most in people? – Not getting social cues.
▷ Most prized possession in your wardrobe? – My Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” tracksuit, hand-painted by @Ellise94
▷ One thing you can’t live without? – Music.
▷ Cat or dog? – I don’t care for either.
▷ Growing up you wanted to be? – A famous trashy pop star.
▷ What do you see looking in the mirror? – We don’t have enough space for that, so I’ll keep it light: tired.
▷ Worst habit? – Too dismissive (deffo from my mum)
▷ Most embarrassing club experience? – I’ve fallen face first, had the shits, puked, had sex in toilets, but was never embarrassed.
▷ Ever had to pee in a glass behind the decks? – No, I have an amazingly strong bladder.
▷ Best gig so far? – I wanted to hit Tokyo my entire life. My dream came true when Fancy Him booked me.
▷ Worst fashion faux pas? – Beige.
▷ First cd ever bought? – Britney, Duh!
▷ Leave or remain? – Remain, I love Europe.
▷ You’d like to come back as what animal? – A fat house cat (think Garfield).
▷ How do you see yourself in the 2030s? – Enjoying whatever it is I’m doing. I love surprises.

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