Scottee first cropped up in clubland as part of Yr Mum Ya Dad, flanked by his partner Johnny. It would’ve been impossible to miss this fearless couple as they appeared scantily wrapped in newspapers, loose bits of fabric or carton boxes, while displaying ample bare flesh. Not to mention the liberal lashings of war paint they smeared over themselves.
Plying their wares since 2005 as DJs, club promoters (the fun-packed and popular Anti-Social) and performers (here,  there and everywhere), they made their favourite pastime – showing off – something resembling some sort of art form and got plenty of press coverage for it. Pure specimens of the burgeoning MySpace generation, they were brash, cocky and you knew that, if they didn’t burn themselves out, their future could only be promising.
However, 2007 witnessed a split of sorts. Johnny, henceforth known as Buster, went his own way to DJ and teach DJ-ing. As for Scottee, he initially ran several clubs, the likes of Domestic, Issue and Foreign (all defunct), with varying degrees of success. He also played out at hotspots like Popstarz, Black Balloon, Circus, Caligula and many more.
Clubbing has since taken a back seat in Scottee’s life so that he could devote himself to performing more seriously. He strives for a bewildering, certainly most unconventional and deliberately shocking style of performance.
Beside causing havoc at The Tate, Tate Modern, ICA, Roundhouse, Royal Opera House and the Edinburgh festival, he also gigged with Hamburger Queen (”a beauty pageant for fat people”, as he put it) and toured with The Worst of Scottee, amongst other strangely entertaining and innovative shows.

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