☆ Paul Neesham ☆
Once in a blue moon, someone totally unique turns up on the scene and makes people go “Aargh” or “Wow”!
Paul is one such rare treat.
His early visits to The Mud Club, Pyramid, Kit Kat and Taboo proved quite low-key compared to what soon followed. Inspired by Leigh Bowery, Trojan and David Cabaret, Paul went one step further by teaching himself the art of prosthetic mask making, which allowed him to work far more elaborate looks. He mainly pushed the boat out at Kinky Gerlinky, in the early ‘90s, sporting quite grotesque and scary outfits.
Ironically, Neesham claims being non-scene, only showing up at very occasional dressy dos run by promoters the likes of Philip Sallon or Matthew Glamorre. His dislike for the current music scene partly explains his fondness for a good old knees-up at Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s Club. All the same, he remains optimistic about the future. “As long as punters carry on making an effort to dress up, the scene will surely survive,” he can’t help but hoping.
Already a painter, a prop-maker, a film maker and a DJ, Paul also enjoys showcasing The Bearded Mothers, his band whose music policy can be likened to an otherworldly Brechtian-Kurt Weil-ish soundtrack.
In a perfect world, the Arts Council would grant Paul Neesham a life subsidy.

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