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Alex Gerry’s portfolio of photojournalism gives pride of place to the most exhilarating shakers and groovers of the music, art, celebrity & nightlife scenes.
A reference point worldwide, this site is often quoted as unique for its no-holds-barred exploration of underground culture and style.
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“Alex Gerry may have attended so many dos, they’ve all rolled into one big party, but he’s always stayed sharp enough to document it. Still going strong, he talks us through three decades of party secrets.”

Holly Shackletoni-D Magazine editor

“Alex Gerry’s photojournalism can only be described as a treasure trove. He has the courage of his convictions and knows instinctively how to scratch under the surface to reveal his subjects under vivid light. And he does it in the best of taste and humour.”

Gazelle PauloGazelland and FreakChic.com publisher/editor
“Put simply, Alex Gerry’s love of club culture will make you want to party forever.”
Seb WheelerMixmag editor

“Alex Gerry has spent a lifetime writing about and photographing the most intriguing characters from night life and showbiz. Their description is every bit as candid as the images. Gerry is not one to take prisoners, which makes this website infinitely entertaining reading. Indulge yourself.”

Alex HopkinsAuthor-journalist

“Few people know the scene as well as photojournalist Alex Gerry. He has snapped the best parties over the last three decades … and recorded the most ostentatious characters. The fact that he was friends with them helped, of course.”

Alice Casely-HayfordDazed Magazine

“Alex Gerry has built a breathtaking portfolio of images, which have been published in all the right magazines. Getting the right shot in a smoky, crowded nightclub is a real skill and he’s a consummate expert.”

Michelle OlleyAuthor of Homme, Carlton Books

“There are many famous photographers in the world but it’s unlikely that many of them would be able to produce his kind of live club pictures without the recourse of a well-lit studio.”

Tony ClaffeyQX International Magazine publisher

“In years to come this archive will be seen as a really important social document. Alex Gerry deserves his rep as a top photographer and journalist.”

Mike Von JoelPhotoIcon & State Magazine director

“Welcome to the hidden world of underground culture, where every corner is explored.”

Piers AtkinsonMilliner, former Disorder Magazine editor

“Alex Gerry, the intrepid explorer of the club universe, captures the exotic freak population like rare specimens to be examined. Some of his subjects went supernova and burned out quickly, others still burn brightly.”

Mark WardelArtist

“It is not often that the person behind the camera has as much style as the characters he documents.”

Jodie HarshDJ-promoter-style icon

“It’s pretty obvious that the excellence and consistency of Alex Gerry’s body of work, be it written or photographic, stands no comparison.”

Laurence MaliceOwner-promoter of Egg and Trade nightclubs

“It’ll take you more than one viewing to look through this collection of club and music-based subjects. It is packed with info and anecdotes. 3 stars out of 3.”

AXM Magazine

“Photojournalist Alex Gerry has been living and breathing every aspect of London’s nightlife from the 80s to today … enough to get you dreaming about the experience you never had.”

Lula Ososkii-D Magazine

“If the spectacle is wild enough, Alex Gerry is there with a camera capturing the pivotal moments that set trends and defines eras. As one of the most celebrated characters, he strives on impromptu craziness.”

Alex HopkinsBeige Magazine executive editor

“Alex Gerry, the all-seeing eye, is honest enough to tell it like it is and always with a good pinch of humour.”

David CabaretClub icon - costume maker

“I spent hours checking out all the fab pics, especially the Leigh Bowery looks that I had never even seen before. And there’s so much info.”

Danilo MonzilloThe Blitz Kids webmaster

“Few people know the music and club scenes inside out as Alex Gerry does and he’s always made them shine in words and pictures.”

Richard de ClarePublisher of After Dark and Night Out In London

“Alex Gerry lived his passion for nightlife like few others. Turning up at the scene’s most fundamental events provided him with an inexhaustible amount of images and tales to tell.”

Roger WinstanleyDIF Magazine editor (Portugal)

“Photojournalist Alex Gerry got in everywhere and shot all the freaks ’til they dropped (often literally). Many magazines have plundered his much-coveted archive. And he’s still very much at it today.”

Martin YatesArt editor, 125 Magazine