Long gone are the days when DJs had to clean the club’s toilets before starting their set and then play on their own ’til the cows come home – FACT!
Nowadays, you’d be forgiven to think that these guys have all the luck.
Unless you’re an amputee or just very clumsy, anyone can learn mixing basics fairly quickly. Being aware than dance music didn’t begin and end with Bieber or Gaga also proves an advantage.
Joking aside, you’ll need oodles of taste and discernment to get your hands on enticing floor-friendly tunes and, most importantly, develop your own original style. Gob-smacking looks and a high-octane personality naturally help but aren’t necessary. Mixing with the right people, on the other hand, always comes in handy to get gigs in the right places. Having done all that, you may find yourself on the threshold of an illustrious and lucrative career, especially if you’re ace at producing and remixing.
Here’s a record of some of the talented DJs I have encountered and often befriended over the years. Look out for more DJs, the likes of Jodie Harsh, Princess Julia, Tasty Tim, etc, who have the – erm – privilege to be afforded their own page in the Club Freaks & Disco Pigs section.

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